Our Business

Oil Refining

Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd has specially constructed refinery to process and treat various feed stock through meticulous refining process which produces finest grades of fuel oil for different industries. Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd has also specialize in waste oil collection & oil recycling generated from various Industries, oil blocks & marine industry. It is India’s leading provider of hazardous waste solutions and producer of clean fuel oil which is environmentally acceptable alternative to virgin fuel oil. Mundra Oil provides the most practical, cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions for the safe collection and recycling of various feedstock oil and with zero landfill.

Oil Trading

Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd actively trades in various Petroleum products. We supply and trade products throughout different continents in Europe, Middle East , Africa & Asia. The procurement chain is established thru long-term contracts from key-producing countries & similarly we fulfill our commitment with long term supply contracts and committed delivery schedule to our buyers across the globe. Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd is simultaneously involved in upgrading few Petroleum products thru value addition at its specially constructed Refinery in India & offer competitive prices to our clients spread across various Industries.

    List of various Petroleum products we deal :

  • Base Oil
  • Fuel Oil
  • Bitumen
  • LVFO
  • HVFO
  • RFO

Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd thoroughly believes in sincerity, honesty, quality of material & in-time delivery of material & this has help us earn solid reputation in our area of business. We are always looking to grow more and the process of empanelment for credible suppliers & buyers is always open. We welcome & solicit interest from reputed suppliers & buyers.

Fuel Oil

Mundra Oil Pvt Ltd supplies its wide range of finished stocks to overseas and domestic market. We produce finest grades of fuel oil through excellent refining process which represents the next generation of clean fuel oils. It is fully compliant with the International standards and specifications and extremely economical alternative to virgin fuel oil. This helps various industries to fulfill their fuel need by reducing operating cost. Our consistent supply at competitive prices has always put us on top supplier list with our clients across various industries in overseas and domestic markets.

Sr. No. Tests Method ASTM Unit Limits Test Result
1 Density @ 15˚ C D-1298 Kg/L 1.02 Max 1.0055
2 KV @50˚ C D-445 Cst 300 Max 120.1
3 Flash Point (PMCC) D-93 ˚ C 100 Max 94
4 Pour Point D-97 ˚ C +12 Max +6
5 Ash Content D-482 % Wt 0.15 Max 0.040
6 Water Content D-95 % Vol 0.50 Max 0.20
7 Total Sediment Potential D-473 % Wt 0.25 Max 0.23
8 Sulphur Content D-4294 % Wt 2.5 Max 2.401
9 Carbon Residue D-4530 % Wt 18.0 Max 11.6
10 Gross Calorific Vale IS 1448 P:6 Kcal/kg 10100 Min 10175
11 Metal Content        
  Vanadium By ICP MS Mg/kg 300 Max 99.0
  Aluminum + Silicon By ICP MS Mg/kg 25 Max 13.2
  Calcium By ICP MS Mg/kg 30 Max 4.3